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July 4, 2023

What does a car wrap cost?

In recent years it has become increasingly popular among consumers; wrapping your car. Previously, it was mainly a trend within the business world, for companies that wanted to provide company cars' with their logo, for example. Nowadays, however, car wrapping is happening more and more, and therefore more and more people are wondering what wrapping costs. In this blog, we will tell you all about car wrapping and answer the question: What does car wrapping cost?

What is a car wrap?

While wrapping a car, you are wrapping the car, so to speak. Your car is covered with a layer of wrap film that you can choose yourself. Because you have this choice, wrapping is a convenient way to change the color of your car, or apply a particular pattern or logo to it. The possibilities are endless when wrapping your car because the color of the vehicle itself is not necessarily changed, but a covering layer is stuck over it. So you can change the color or design of your car, but it is also always relatively simple to undo.

car wrapping

What does wrapping a car cost?

Setting up one fixed price for wrapping is not possible, as the cost of a car wrap depends on the situation. There are various factors that also play a role in the costs at Adaptive Automotive for our car wrap services. First, of course, the car you want to have wrapped is of great importance. Some cars are a lot bigger than others, and not every car is as easy to wrap. Furthermore, the material and color you want to use for your wrap is also an important factor. Certain unique colors that are not made by the factory are likely to be slightly higher in price than the standard color options, and this should of course be taken into account. We can also use our tool to create a beautiful, homemade design for you. This makes your car completely unique and ensures that there is truly no car like yours to be found, but of course this too adds to the price tag. So for the answer to the question of what it costs to have a car wrapped, it is best to talk to our wrapping professionals.

Not everyone wants to have their entire car wrapped. For example, do you only want to have your roof wrapped to add some details? That is possible! You can take into account a lower price than average, because only a smaller area needs to be wrapped. The costs for wrapping a car usually vary between € 1000 and € 3500, depending on your personal situation and wishes. Request a quote from us To get a good understanding of how expensive wrapping your car will be!

Wrapping a BMW X7 in a dust-free environment
the BMW x7 in progress

Why wrap your car?

There are several reasons for wrapping your car. First of all, of course, it is to be able to give a unique design to your car. Through wrapping you can add a logo, your own designed design or a special color to your car to create a unique car.

Another reason to wrap your car is the protection it provides to the original paint of the car. This is not the main reason for many, but it is certainly an added benefit. After all, your paintwork is no longer the outer layer of the car and thus cannot be damaged. So should you ever take your wrap off, there is still a brand new layer of paint underneath that has not been damaged. So even then, your car will still look like new. As a result, the value of your car will not decrease because of paint damage either. A car with a unique color combination is often worth even more than before. This is because many colors are not sold by the factory and can therefore only be obtained by wrapping the car or by buying a wrapped car.

Finally, wrapping your car is a relatively quick job. For example, if you wanted to have the entire paint job of your car changed, this is quite a process. Wrapping your car, however, can be completed in a few days at most, and this is quite a bit faster than altering the actual paint.

Now if you are looking for more information about wrapping your car, you can always take a look at our website. Here you can find everything about our services and also come our contact page against. For any questions about how much it costs to have your car wrapped at Adaptive, you can always call or email us.

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