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Car Wrapping Limburg

Are you looking for a one-stop shop where you can get your car wrapped in Limburg? Then it's a good thing you've come to Adaptive Automotive! Sustainable car vinyl is becoming more important every year, which is why we choose to work with the world's leading specialists in the field of sustainable wrapping! World-renowned names such as Avery Dennison, Hexis, 3M or Inozetek are part of our product range. Of course, these are not the only brands we work with, all other brands can also be found here! Want to know more about the best party to get your car wrapped in Limburg? Then read on!

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How long does a wrap last?

A wrap has an average lifespan of 6 to 10 years. The duration does depend on the expertise of the person applying wrap and the type of car it is placed on. Fortunately, Adaptive Automotive is a proven professional and we have enough skill and knowledge in house for the perfect, customized, car wrap in Limburg!

How much does wrapping a car in Limburg cost?

At Adaptive Automotive, you cannot have your car wrapped at a fixed price. The costs for wrapping your car lie on several aspects. This is because our quotes are all customized. No wrap assembly is the same, which is why we work with you to create a quote specific to your car. Clarity is our top priority, which is why you will not encounter any hidden costs. Would you like a general price indication of your dream car wrap in Limburg? Then come by our garage or contact us!

What does wrapping actually mean?

You sometimes read it online or hear it from people you know: "I had my car wrapped," but what does that mean? When you have your car wrapped in Limburg at Adaptive, it is covered with wrap film. Wrapping your car has several advantages, namely:

  • You can change the complete look of your car in an easy and inexpensive way!
  • It protects your car from sunlight, so you will have a lot less discoloration on the outside of your car.
  • Do you have a company car? Then you can use it as a marketing tool with the help of wrapping

It is strongly discouraged to wrap yourself, this may be at the expense of your safety. After all, a poorly applied wrap can suddenly come off. A professional from Automotive Adaptive will ensure that your wrap film is applied correctly and safely, so that it cannot come off. Our professionals have years of experience, so they can also provide insights into the process to make your wishes more concrete. Already have a clear idea in your head? Great! Then our professionals are also very happy to help you further.

Disclaimer: It is legal to have your car wrapped in the Netherlands. However, it is not allowed to have your car wrapped with a color or fabric that can blind other road users. Our specialists are fully aware of these regulations and we will therefore not place prohibited color on your vehicle.

Applying paint protection to carwrap BMW X7
car wrapping

Car wrapping in Limburg

When you have your car completely wrapped, the entire look is changed to one color via the wrap film applied. No matter what your dream color is, at Adaptive Automotive we will transform your bolide into the mental picture you have in mind!

In addition, we even allow you to choose colors and finishes that are not available ex-factory! Think of choices like satin, gloss, matt, brushed, chameleon, camouflage and metallic! So have you found your dream car, but not in the color the factory can make? Then it's a good thing you found Adaptive Automotive for the perfect car wrap in Limburg! Besides the exterior, we can also help you with the inside of your car. See what we can do to decorate the interior of your car here!

Visualizing your dream with the 3D Changer tool

We love to make your dream a reality. To make sure we do what you envision, we use a 3D Changer Tool. The 3D Changer Tool, which you can read more about here. This way, you don't have to hope that the wrap will actually look the way you want it, after all, our graphic program shows it before we start the job. Want to make unexpected changes to your previous wish? A few presses of the right button and the 3D Changer Tool will show you how it looks. In addition, our experts can also give you a few examples if you're still not sure, so wrapping in Limburg takes on a new meaning: one of quality AND service!

Custom wrap

In addition, you can also have your car wrapped in more than one color. At Adaptive Automotive, service really is service, so we are happy to help with your custom wrap ideas!

You can also choose to have only parts of your car wrapped. Some people don't want to wrap their entire car at once, and we understand that. Also for the smaller car wrap in Limburg we are ready with open arms! Because personalization is in the smallest things, we can also make upgrades in the following ways:

  • Striping
  • Mirror wrapping
  • Carbon wrap
  • Chrome delete

Thus, on a detail basis you can already give your car a completely new look!

Are you curious about our work process? Then watch the video below. Do you have more questions for the expert in car wrapping in Limburg? Then don't hesitate to contact us or drop by, we'll be happy to help!

+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed
+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed

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