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November 3, 2022

Ferrari 488 Pista with Full (STEK) PPF

Everyone has his or her own dream car that way. Also our new customer! He walked into Adaptive Automotive with his brand new dream car; the Ferrari 488 Pista Piloti! He came by to go over the protection options and was sold when we told him about the Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF, from STEK. Curious about the final result? You can see those at the bottom of the page!

Why apply a Full PPF to a Ferrari 488 pista?

STEK Dynoshield PPF is the koploper for protecting your car's paint, because this film provides an invisible and shiny coating on the outside of your car. As a result, you will not see any difference between this quality film and the factory paint! The paint protection film not only provides a shiny coating, but also has a self-healing function. This keeps your car in the same perfect condition as day 1. When this film is applied, even small scratches and irregularities are restored. So this PPF is the solution to change the look of the car as little as possible, but still guarantee optimal protection. 

How is the ppf applied?

When the car comes in, we first make sure the car is completely washed. Since we apply a coat over it, it is very important that all dirt is gone. Of course, we want to apply the film as perfectly as possible, and once there are blemishes underneath, you won't get them off for the time being. 

The advantage to STEK's PPF is that the film comes in "pre-cut" kits. This kit ensures that not only the large parts are protected, but also the smallest or most difficult parts. No part is skipped.  

Final result Ferrari 488 Pista piloti

Final result of the Ferrar 488 Pista Piloti

What can we do for you?

Would you like to protect your car from various outside influences like this beautiful Ferrari 488 Pista? Or maybe you just have the idea of giving your car a new look by means of the wrap of your car! Feel free to contact us at Adaptive Automotive and, most importantly, don't hesitate to stop by!  

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+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed
+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed

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