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Rotiform rims

How shoes make the man, rims make the car. In fact, rims are a way to give your car a completely different look. At Adaptive Automotive we work with Rotiform rims, among others. These rims not only improve the look of your car, new rims can also offer benefits in terms of performance. The rims of this American brand are made of high quality materials and installed by our skilled specialists. In the process, manufacturing techniques ensure a stiffer and lighter design compared to the average factory rims. The design of Rotiform rims ensures better performance in cornering, during acceleration and braking.

About Rotiform

The company Rotiform was founded in 2009 in California, United States. Rotiform specializes in manufacturing and designing quality rims for cars. These rims are produced for different car brands and models. In doing so, Rotiform offers a wide selection of rims. Thus, at this American brand you can buy not only rims with a simple and classic design, but also rims with a striking and extravagant look.

By now it is clear that Rotiform stands for unique designs. The brand has developed as a company known for combining standard design elements with modern styles. This then results in rims with a distinctive and innovative look. The rims are made from aluminum alloys and are thereby produced using advanced casting and machining processes.

At Adaptive Automotive, we not only work with this brand, but in the process we know all about it. We only work with quality products, which is why Rotiform rims are part of our range of brands. Curious which other brands we work with? Then click here!

Selection of our Rotiform rims

Benefits Rotiform rims

A number of reasons have already been mentioned on this page as to why Rotiform rims are so unique and good quality, but there are even more benefits to using them. So not only does it make your car more beautiful and possibly faster, but there are other benefits associated with the rims:

The rims are durable.
The brand has designed the rims to be long-lasting and also wear-resistant. Thus, the rims will not wear out quickly, even in extreme driving conditions. As a result, the rims do not need to be changed quickly, which can be cost-saving.

The wide range of rims.
Rotiform rims don't just come in standard colors or shapes, which makes the company very unique. There are a lot of different rims available through Rotiform. This way, you can personalize your vehicle to your specific taste.

Rotiform guarantees their quality
A purchase can always involve something of uncertainty. Rotiform therefore offers a warranty on the rims. So if there is a factory defect or other defects in the rims, it will be fixed by the brand itself. We at Adaptive Automotive are obviously aware of this and will make every effort to check the rims for defects before installation to ensure that you are using only the best Rotiform rims.

Rotiform rims prices

At Adaptive Automotive, we don't have a single price for Rotiform rims. This is because we believe in a personalized approach. We therefore provide a custom quote when purchasing rims. Since the rims come in a lot of different colors and sizes, it is important to see exactly what size rims will fit and what color you prefer.

Still unsure about Rotiform rims? No problem. You can also request a free quote from us that is tailored to your needs. This is clear, with no hidden costs.

Buy Rotiform rims

So if you are looking for a rim that has both a sleek appearance, can improve the performance of your car and also last a long time? Then Rotiform rims are the right choice. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to purchase these rims from Adaptive Automotive. We only work with high quality brands and personnel who know exactly how to handle these car parts. Because of the different sizes and colors, there is a lot of choice in design. So you don't have to worry about the rims not matching your car.

About Adaptive Automotive

At Adaptive Automotive, we are not just in the business of installing, or changing Rotiform rims, as we offer a host of other services. For example, we vary our services From wrapping your car, to setting up a KIWA SCM alarm system. So clearly nothing is too much for us. Have you become enthusiastic about our services? Then visit us at our location, or check out our website and take contact with us for more information.

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+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed
+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed

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