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Glass Coating

Glass coating is a gel-like coating that optimally protects your car's paintwork from rubbing and scratching.

Glass coating is becoming a growing concept in the automotive industry. Often your car's paint is affected by various outside factors, think weather conditions such as sunlight and brine due to freezing temperatures. Glass coating gives your car optimal paint protection. But what exactly is glass coating and can you apply it to your car? We have everything listed for you.

Glass coating Auto

Glass coating is a way to protect your car. It is important that your car is optimally protected, you do this with a good and quality glass coating. At Adaptive Automotive, we use Carpro Finest Reserve combined with years of experience and craftsmanship. This is what sets us apart from other glass coating companies.

What is glass coating?

Glass coating is a coating based on Silica. It provides durable and especially hard protection for your car. With glass coating, you can choose from different hardnesses. These hardnesses range between 9H, 11H and even 13H. These terms come from the Mohs hardness scale. The higher the H, the more resistance to frictional forces or scratches. Glass coating is a liquid, gel-like substance that completely seals and seals the paint surface. The coating lasts for a long time, at least 2 years and can last up to 5 years. For proper and even curing of the coating, we use multiple UV lamps.

Glass coating on Porsche Final result
Curing with UV lamps of the car's glass coating

Glass Coating Rims

With glass coating, you can protect your entire car. You can also choose to have only the rims glass coated. Rims are often poorly maintained or cleaned. If rims are cleaned at all, we see that this is often done with cleaning agents that are too aggressive. This quickly deteriorates the quality of your rims. A shame, of course! Therefore, a glass coating for rims is the solution to keep them clean easily. Almost any rim can be treated with glass coating.

Protect your calipers, too? Glass coating protects your calipers and prevents moisture and dirt from collecting.

rim bmw being glass coated

Different paint protection services

Glass coating is not the only way to protect your car! In fact, we also offer other services that ensure that your car does not lose or regain its shine. One of the other paint protection services is Pain Protection Foil. At PPF Paint Protection a self-healing film is applied and this film repairs scratches or possible damage. With this service you can choose different looks such as matte, carbon or camouflage. If you have ideas to personalize your car without the need to repair scratches, wrapping is the solution for your car. By the way, don't worry about the transport. We will ensure that you are provided with transportation so that we can carry out our work carefully. 

Glass Coating Price

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+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed
+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed

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