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Xpel paint protection foil (aka PPF) is the world leader in paint protection film. Xpel is a transparent paint protection foil that protects the car's paint against stone chips and weathering.

Just got a new car? Then your car is probably still beautifully painted. Of course you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Paint Protection Foil (PPF) is the perfect paint protection for your car. Adaptive Automotive uses PPF from Xpel. Xpel is known for its "pre-cut" kits and "self healing" properties. This pre-cut film allows you to protect even the most difficult parts of the car. Want to know more about this paint protection for your car? Then feel free to read on! 

How does PPF paint protection work?

When you hit the road with your new car, damage to the paintwork is in a small corner. For example, even the smallest stones, bushes or car washes can cause damage to your car's paintwork. By using a paint protection film, this damage can be prevented and it is even possible to make incurred damage disappear. At Adaptive Automotive, we use PPF paint protection film. In addition to this film ensuring that your car is protected, PPF's self-healing function makes light scratches disappear on their own. By choosing PPF paint protection for your new car, it will always remain in perfect condition. When applying PPF, we pay attention to the smallest details and ensure a perfect finish.

Using paint protection film for your car is a bit like wrapping a car. The difference between these is that a transparent film goes over your car's paint, keeping your car looking the same. The film layer is extremely strong, so it can withstand stones, branches, mud and dirt. Therefore, this film layer protects the paint of your car from all these external factors. Using paint protection film is easier, faster and more economical than repainting your car. Want to know more about our services? You can read more about it here!

What is the difference between PPF and wrapping?

As we had mentioned earlier, you can choose to put a paint protection film over the paint of your car or to wrap your car. If you choose paint protection film, it is still possible to change the look of your car. In that sense, the two options are similar. Paint protection film comes in addition to the "standard" transparent film, for example, in:

  • Matt PPF

  • Carbon PPF

  • Damascus PPF

  • Camouflage PPF

  • Color PPF

This way you combine a different look with the best paint protection on your car. Both wrap and a paint protection film ensure that the original paint on your car is protected. The difference between these two options is that wrap film, unlike PPF, is not self-healing. Would you like to change the look of your car? Then, of course, we will also help you wrap your car! Click here for more information about this service!

Car interior protection film

Not only the paint on your car can be damaged quickly, but the interior also suffers. Consider, for example, the parts made of shiny plastic, carbon fiber, the touchscreens and displays. Through the use of your car, these parts can get dirty, broken, damaged or worn out. That's why we don't just have paint protection film for the outside of the car. Our interior protection film also keeps the appearance of these parts looking like new. Thereby, it is also possible to repair a damaged surface with this protective film.

Would you like to go for a whole new interior design in your car? You can do that too at Adaptive Automotive! We at Adaptive Automotive are a one-stop tuning shop and we focus on tuning and personalizing German cars, sports cars and supercars. Learn more about changing the interior design of your car read here!

PPF icm Glass Coating

Not only is a paint protection film an option to protect your car's paint, glass coating is also a common way to protect a car. In addition to performing both of these services separately, they can also be combined. Glass coating can be combined with Xpel paint protection film. This glass coating called "CARPRO CQUARTZ Finest Reserve" optimally protects the paint protection film against water stains, acids, solvents, ice, oils, dirt and UV. This glass coating is cured by infrared lamps and comes with a 5-year warranty certificate. Want to know more about applying a glass coating to your car? You can read more information on this page!

At Adaptive Automotive, we stand for quality, reliability, exclusivity and the best service. You can come to us for, among other things exhaust systems, rims, brake systems, body kits, carbon parts, tires, chip tuning, car wrapping, screw kits and the powder coating of calipers. We work exclusively with high quality brands. With our services we want to make sure you get the car you dream of! Therefore, we hope to meet you and your car at our location soon!

Curious about how we apply a PFF Paint Protection at Adaptive Automotive? Then watch the video below where you will get a clear picture of exactly what a PFF paint protection is and how we apply it. 




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+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed
+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are now closed

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