ARMA Speed Carbon fiber air intakes

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2 months ago on 25-03-2020 12:54:58

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When your starting out with tuning, you might start with replacing your OEM exhaust, carbon parts or wrapping your vehicle. Changing the air intake might not be the first thing you think of, but who do those who are really into tuning often choose to do so?

What's the benefit of a carbon air intake?

Beside the fact that a carbon fiber air intake makes your engine bay look like the inside of a jewelry store, it also brings about up to 5% performance gains.

How does a cold air intake work?

An OEM air intake is not designed to provide optimal air flow to your engine. A cold air intake, does exactly what the name would suggest: provide your engine with more cool air. The cooler the air, the more oxygen in contains, which results in more more. Because of the close carbon housing around our signature filters, the temperature decreases significantly, resulting in nice, cool, oxygen-rich airflow to your engine!

ARMA Speed carbon fiber intake we did for the M135i owned by AutoTopNL

Adaptive Automotive & ARMA Speed

We at Adaptive Automotive take pride in being able to offer products of the highest quality. ARMA Speed is no exception. As their official distributor for Europe, we carry a large stock of carbon fiber air intakes, alloy air intakes, cone filters, replacement filters and carbon parts for the most popular vehicles out there like. Curious if there's one for your car? Check out our webshop:


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