An Audi RS3 does not have a modest sound to begin with. Still, the owner of this 'little canonball' wanted to make it sound insane. But there are so many choices to make and brands to choose from. Where do you start?

How to choose the best performance exhaust

Together with this customer, we looked at what his sound requirements were. Besides the fact that YouTube is a good reference to see which brand suits you best in terms of sound, we have a BMW M2 with an Armytrix exhaust installed on display in our showroom. This gives an instant 'live' reference of how a valve exhaust would sound. The preferences in sound, (control)options and budget, finally made us land on a Milltek cat-back.

AUDI RS3 Milltek cat-back exhaust installation


Milltek matt black exhaust tips

The end result is something to be proud of. Not only did the customer get the sound he was looking for, but optically this exhaust also really adds something to this beautiful RS3. The matt black end-pieces of the Milltek exhaust system integrate perfectly with the rear diffuser.


When you are looking for an exhaust, you will hear terms like: valve system, cat-back, downpipe, resonated, non-resonated, sportcat, turbo-back, and much more. And then you have to decide which brand you want. Can't figure it out? Let us explain it all to you. Come and visit us for a cup of coffee, or contact us digitally: