If you are the proud owner of a beautiful Porsche 992, it's obvious you want to do everything to keep it as beautiful as possible. The owner of this 992 came to Adaptive Automotive to see how we could take care of this.

Porsche 992 Full Front XPEL Paint Protection Foil

Xpel is usually mentioned in the same sentence with the word paint protection. This is because XPEL paint protection film is of the highest quality. Apart from the fact that you cannot see any difference between the film and the factory paint, it is also stain-resistant. In addition, small scratches in the film repair when it is lightly heated. That is why XPEL was the preferred option for this project. Particularly as the film comes with a 10-year guarantee. Guaranteed to keep the car as good as new!


XPEL additional Carpro 'Finest Reserve' glass coating

To make the XPEL film even easier to maintain and give it extra hardness, an optional glass coating can be applied. At Adaptive Automotive we work with Carpro 'Finest Reserve' glass coating. To be able and allowed to work with this brand of glass coating, you follow a training course with the manufacturer. Adaptive Automotive is one of only 9 companies in the Netherlands that is allowed to work with this brand.



Curing Capro Finest Reserve Glass Coating

After applying the Carpro Finest Reserve, it must be cured for several hours under an infrared lamp. Due to the hardening of the epoxy nanoparticles, the Finest Reserve is now cured to a very good protective layer. The result is an extremely shiny, durable and thick coating (up to 3 microns). Perfect for years of protection. This will keep the paint on this car like new!


Porsche 992 XPEL and Glass Coating: end result

By applying a double protection in the form of full front XPEL and Carpro Finest Reserve to this car, we have ensured that the paintwork will stay like new for years to come. Thanks to the fact that the XPEL film, by applying some heat, can heal small scratches 'by itself', even small future damage is anticipated!


Do you also have a beautiful coat of paint on your car and do you get a bad feeling at the thought of a scratch? Then contact us for an XPEL quote!