We're working on our Adaptive Automotive BMW M2 for a while now and a lot has happened. For instance, 'our baby' has received an Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust system and a rolling cage in Long Beach Blue.

Here is a list of all the upgrades and extras we've giving the M2:

✔ Armytrix Valvetronix exhaust system with blue coated tips
✔ Arma Speed carbon air-intake
✔ Airlift suspension in the trunk (of course in Long Beach Blue)
✔ Rolling cage in Long Beach Blue
✔ We've cut the fenders in order to fit PSM Dynamic wide body kit
✔ We've received our Recaro Sportster CS seats
✔ And provided the seats with Carbon back covers by Darkness Tech gemonteerd, incl. Long Beach Blue accents

We're waiting for the Carbon hood by Arma Speed, which is currently being painted in Long Beach Blue ;). The MV Forged wheels are also in production. Some of the following extra's will also be implemented shortly: rear seat delete, wide body kit, rear deck lid spoiler by PSM Dynamic, the entire car wrap and probably a lot more :D.

To be continued...

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