This Renault Megane RS Line had clocked  less than 10 kilometres when it came to the shop. The owner wanted to make this sporty Megane RS Line a one-of-a-kind car with some special features. We really turned it into something special!

Full Satin Black Wrap

The first step in the transformation of this Megane RS Line was the wrap. A distinguished satin black foil was chosen that very elegantly stands midway between gloss and matt. This immediately gives the car a unique appearance.


Wrapping Car Parts

Apart from wrapping the whole car in beautiful satin black, we have applied some accents by wrapping the accents on the diffuser and around the 'RS-Line' logo and the grille. Accents such as the grille itself and the exhaust tips were painted gloss black.


Brake Caliper Powder coating

To further accentuate the yellow and to complete the car, we have also executed the brake callipers in cadmium yellow. Powder-coated in this bright colour, the calipers stand out beautifully against the black Ferrada rims.


Starlight Headerliner

With all the exterior features we gave this Megane RS Line, there was still one feature missing that would make the interior truly unique. Therefore we replaced the standard grey headliner with a starlight alcantara one for a stunning effect!


Maxhaust Soundbooster Installation

Besides all visual upgrades, we couldn't let this one leave the workshop without a a nice sound. It's not uncommon for a customer to want to make the car sound louder,  without upgrading the exhaust. As was the case with this customer. We solved this by installing a Maxhaust Soundbooster. This soundbooster provides an authentic exhaust sound and is invisible after installation. In addition, you can operate various functions via your smartphone and adjust the sound settings in the app.


Renault Megana RS Line Project End Result


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