Through carwrapping you can change the colour of your car and give it a totally different look, without spray painting. At the same time, the paint is protected against weather influences and stone chippings.

What are the advantages of carwrapping?

•    It protects the original paint (prevents discoloration or damage from stone chippings)

•   Cheaper than spray painting

•    Less permanent than spray painting (easy to remove when selling car, or when you're out of it)

•   Scratch resistant

•   Wide choice of colours

•   You don't have to wrap the whole car right away

Carwrapping Price

It's hard to give an indication of the cost of carwrapping. This is because you can have your whole car wrapped or only part of it. Also the size of the car, the desired design and other specific wishes ultimately determine the price. Would you like a price indication? Then contact us!

Here we give you at least an indication of the cost, based on the type of car (coupé sedan, SUV or supercar):

Price Wrapping Coupé

Price Wraps Sedan

Price Wrapping SUV

Price Wrapping Supercar

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