Chiptuning in Limburg

As one of the largest tuners in the south of the Netherlands, Adaptive Automotive also offers chiptuning from Sittard in the heart of Limburg. We use tried and tested chiptuning software, specially designed to get the best out of your car.

How does chip tuning work?

The engine is controlled by an Engine Control Unit, the ECU. In this ECU various values are programmed by the factory and are limited. Think of the amount of injected petrol, the ignition moment, speed limitation and so much more. All these values are read by sensors and fed back to the ECU. This results in a certain power (HP) and torque (Nm).

By optimising this software, Adaptive Automotive can adjust the values so that your car achieves an even better result.

Chiptuning Stages

These adaptations are indicated in stages; Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, etc. What is the difference between the different stages?

Chiptuning Stage 1

Stage 1 chiptuning is puur een aanpassing in de software van jouw auto.

Prijs chiptuning stage 2: maatwerk

Chiptuning Stage 2

Stage 2 chiptuning is een combinatie van aanpassing in de software en het aanpassen van de inlaat cq uitlaat.

Prijs chiptuning stage 2: maatwerk

Chiptuning Stage 3

Stage 3 chiptuning is een combinatie van aanpassing in de software, de inlaat cq uitlaat en eventuele andere aanpassingen zoals een intercooler, turbo, brandstofpomp, injectoren, etc.

Prijs chiptuning stage 3: maatwerk

Het team van Adaptive Automotive bekijkt graag de mogelijkheden, kosten en vermogenswinst voor jouw auto met je. Neem even contact met ons op! 

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