Adaptive Automotive is the official distributor of Armytrix for Europe. We also sell other well-known brands in the industry like Milltek and Eisenmann and many more!

An aftermarket exhaust system works the same as an ordinary exhaust. However, a normal exhaust is built in such a way that the exhaust fumes find their way out with as much resistance as possible, so you have as little noise nuisance as possible. The exhaust systems of both Armytrix and Milltek use larger components that lower the resistance and give the gasses more free play. The result: you hear your car roar. Because the engine gets less back pressure, an aftermarket exhaust system also delivers more power and BHP.

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Adaptive Automotive can provide you with an exhaust system that exactly fits your needs. In our showroom you can view some of our Armytrix exhaust systems. In our showroom BMW M2 is an Armytrix exhaust mounted. Experience the high quality and listen to the overwhelming sounds that the exhaust systems produce.

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