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Date: 26-03-2024 Category: Blogs


Some time ago we received a request from our customer with a Ford Mustang Mach E, to wrapit in a color. He wanted to make his Mustang a unique Mustang. Something you don't come across every day, and at the same time something functional to keep the car in good condition. Soon we ended up installing a transparent protective film, called PPF. (Paint Protection Foil), not an ordinary PPF, no the matte version! This gives no direct color change but a unique look that you will not easily come across another one and at the same time gives perfect protection against paint damage!


Bold but successful! The new mustang, different from its predecessors but at least as iconic and inventive. On the market since 2020, this tough crossover of the Brand Ford with the iconic name Mustang. 100% electric, a solid competitor to the famous Tesla's.

As with
Tesla and other electronic cars, the choice of color is quite limited. Therefore, read below what we did to give this car the finish it deserves!

PPF - Paint protection foil

This Ford Mach E has gloss black finish, shadow black to be exact. Beautiful but not special, or expressive. The client hesitated for a long time and deliberated whether to make the car orange, or add orange accents. Or still a matte color, black, or gray. In addition, the customer wants the paint to remain in good condition. Then we soon come to installing PPF film, STEK matte PPF film to be exact. This gives the protection needed to keep the paint in good condition, and has an extra coating to easily remove dirt from the car during polishing.


Because it is important that the customer is satisfied with the result, he himself came up with an idea to make the grill a little more specific. The grill of this Mach E is gloss black, with no pattern or finish.
For this, we looked at options with the customer and decided to
installa grille printed on Avery Dennison wrap film . This makes it even tougher on the front!

Final result of the Ford Mustang Mach E

Not to keep you in suspense any longer, here are some pictures of the final result.
As far as we and the client are concerned, very successful!

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