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Car Wrapping

Adaptive Automotive works with the world's leading specialists in durable automotive vinyl. These include 3M, Avery Dennison, Inozetek, Hexis or all our other brands! Sustainability is relevant in every sector, including car wrapping.

What is car wrapping?

Many people consider wrapping their car, but don't know exactly what it entails. The process is coating your car with a film. This allows you to change the look of your car in an approachable and inexpensive way! In addition to the benefits of wrapping for the appearance of your vehicle, wrap film can also protect your car from sunlight. Because of this additional feature, discoloration is a thing of the past!

We recommend always involving a professional in wrapping and not trying it yourself. This is because if the layer of film is applied incorrectly, the film can come off completely. Our specialists at Adaptive Automotive have years of experience in car wrapping, and are happy to help you change the look of your daily driver as well. We also have experience wrapping company cars with logos or specific color combinations. Make sure everyone knows your corporate identity by making your company car even more recognizable!

Is wrapping legal in the Netherlands?

Wrapping your car is legal in the Netherlands, with the only requirement being that the color does not blind or obstruct other road users.

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Why auto fanatics choose Adaptive Automotive

For wrapping one or more parts to the complete wrapping of a car, you've come to the right place. Prefer a full custom design? Our design studio makes it possible! After all, we believe in full service. We love cars as much as you love them. That's why we believe that full service, attention to detail and extra care are incredibly important. Every car should be treated and helped properly, every car deserves to be made more beautiful, every car deserves Adaptive Automotive.



Why Adaptive Automotive?

Wrapping with 100% finish guarantee. Therefore, we disassemble parts before the process.


We use knifeless tape. This means no cutting and no scratching of the original paint!


We use only durable film from major brands. This way you will have the longest enjoyment of your cool wrap!

Car Full Wrapping

A full car wrap is the complete wrapping of a car in a color of your choice through a film. The beauty of a full car wrap is that you can transform your car into any color imaginable. Go for 'Hexis Kiwi Green' or yet 'Nardo Grey' from Inozetek? Nothing is too crazy! In addition, you can choose colors and finishes that are not available ex-factory including: matt, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, chameleon and camouflage. This is also how we like to meet the car fanatic should: a unique offer that is not produced by the factory itself!

With our 3D changer tool, we show you in an instant how the chosen color will look on your car. That way you will always go for the right color! In addition, we can visualize ad-hoc changes through that great tool, everything to make your choice even easier! Do you have an idea in mind but still have doubts about how it would look? Our experts are always ready to make your car wrapping dreams come true!

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Custom & Full Color Wrap

Is one color not unique enough? Do you want something crazier, something that stands out or do you have your own idea? Then a custom or full color wrap is for you! After all, you don't want to have just another one in a dozen car. Through our design studio we translate your idea into a custom design. Again, our 3D changer tool can create a digital preview of the design. Agree? Then it's print, paste, show off!

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Parts of a Car Wrapping

It is also possible with us to wrap only some parts. Not everyone wants to wrap their entire car immediately, but some car enthusiasts want to try the color on a part of their car first. At Adaptive Automotive we are not only at your service for the complete wrapping of your car, also for smaller jobs you can contact us. We are happy to help you personalize your car, even if only by adding some specific details and wrapping parts. Examples of upgrades we can perform are:

  • Carbon wrap

  • Mirror wrapping

  • Chrome delete

  • Striping

In fact, with striping, carbon, chrome delete, or lettering you can already add very cool accents. This already makes your car stand out more. Below are some examples of what your car can look like:

What is paint sealing?

A paint sealant provides an additional protective layer on your car. So do you need extra protection in addition to the wrap? Then go for a paint sealer from CarPRO! Find more information about paint sealing here. For inspiration, check out to this R8 Or scroll on to our other successful jobs.

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Car Wrapping Costs

Our quotes are just like our services: customized. Would you like a quote tailored to your car and wishes? Visit our showroom or contact us! You can contact us by phone reach, but also through email or through us website form get in touch with us quickly.

In addition to tackling your car, you can also come to us for other services. Think of the upgrading the audio in your car or even lowering your car. You can visit our tuning shop from all surrounding areas. Whether you are from Maastricht, Heerlen or Amsterdam, we're happy to help! Adaptive Automotive does it all for you.  


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+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are open
+31 (0)46 202 11 31
We are open

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