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full colour wrap

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Date: 03-02-2024 Category: Blogs
full colour wrap

Full colour carwrap

Would you like to change the color of your car or work bus? Or would you like to promote your company on your car or work bus? No problem, we at Adaptive Automotive work together with specialists in the field of durable car vinyl. This allows us to realize your wishes in the field of custom car wrap / full color wrap / advertising stickers. Would you like more information about Adaptive Automotive as a one-stop shop that can wrap your car? Then read on quietly.

Mercedes AMG wrappen

What is car wrapping?

What does having your car wrapped actually mean? Car wrapping means getting a wrap film on your car. This wrap is stuck on so precisely that you can't see that there is a layer of film on your car. This is an easy way to change the look of your car. The wrap can also be taken off again when you get tired of it or prefer a different color. In addition, having your car wrapped has a number of advantages; wrap film protects your car from the sun, which means your car will be less likely to discolor. You can use custom car wrap to personalize your car, making it easy for your company to advertise.

Car wrap is legal in the Netherlands, but it is not allowed to have your car wrapped in a color that can blind other road users. The specialists at Adaptive Automotive are of course aware of these regulations and therefore do not offer them.

How long does a wrap last?

The lifespan of a wrap averages 6 to 10 years. How long the wrap stays on has to do with a number of factors. How do you maintain the car, do you go through the car wash or do you hand wash it. In addition, we at Adaptive Automotive also give you the option of applying a glass coating to the carwrap. This promotes the longevity of the carwrap. In addition, it is important that the person putting the wrap on is an expert who works professionally. The more knowledge and experience the better the wrap can be placed. Fortunately, Adaptive Automotive has this knowledge and expertise to provide the perfect custom wrap for your car. For a more precise estimate of the lifespan of the wrap on your car, please contact us!

Custom wrap

Heb je een eigen idee en wil je opvallen met je auto? Dan is custom wrap / full color wrap iets voor jou! Onze ontwerpstudio zet jouw idee om naar een ontwerp op maat. Je kan je auto op deze manier personaliseren, zodat je onderscheidend bent van de rest. Veel bedrijven doen dit bijvoorbeeld op hun bedrijfsauto’s. Door het logo van je bedrijf op de auto te laten plaatsen, ben je als bedrijf herkenbaar. Een beter marketingmiddel bestaat er niet!

Je ideeën kunnen eindeloos zijn, je bent namelijk niet gebonden aan een kleur of plek op de auto. Je kan bij custom wrap / full color wrap alle grafische ideeen vormgeven en deze laten printen op carwrap folie die dan op je auto of bedrijfsbus aangebracht wordt.

Having parts of your car wrapped

If you don't want to have your entire car wrapped right away, you can also choose to have parts of your car wrapped with us. We are happy to help you personalize your car, even if only by adding small details. Examples include;

- Carbon wrap

- Mirror wrap

- Chrome delete

- Striping

- Window frames black wrap

- Wrapping roof racks black

- Decals

With these you can already add unique accents to your car and your car will definitely stand out!

Custom car wrap at Adaptive Automotive

Like you, we love cars, which is why it's important to us that we deliver the best service to you. We have an eye for detail and provide just the extra care your car needs. Every car deserves to be treated well and made more beautiful through our services.

If you choose car wrap, you have come to the right place. We wrap cars with a 100% finish guarantee. To do this in the best possible way, we disassemble parts of your car before we start working on the carwrap. In addition, we use knifeless tape. This tape ensures that the original paintwork will not be scratched. And not unimportantly, we only use durable film from major brands, so that the wrap will stay in place for a long time.

Our carwrappers have a lot of experience and car wrapping is their daily business at Adaptive Automotive.

Cost of custom car wrap

Just like our services, our quotes are customized. We do not work with a fixed rate, as no two wraps are the same. The price of your wrap depends on many factors including which car or bus you have, what brand and color carwrap film you want, do you want a color change or full color wrap, whether or not to have a design made by our design studio. If you are curious about a price indication or quotation for wrapping your car or bus, please contact us! Of course, you can also visit us on location, in our showroom. We can then help you further in person and give you a look at our workshop where the work is carried out live.

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