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HRE rims

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Date: 20-03-2024 Category: Blogs
HRE rims

HRE rims

Are you looking for custom-made rims? Then you've come to the right place at Adaptive Automotive. We offer a range of premium rims, including rims from HRE. HRE's rims are of high quality due to continuous optimization of materials and processes. In addition, the HRE brand offers many options when it comes to personalization. Does this sound interesting to you? Then read on here to learn more about HRE rims!

What are rims?

A car's rims are the metal part on which the tire is mounted. Rims are not just on a car for a sporty or luxurious look, but they also have a function. Namely, they keep the tires in place.

There are many different types of rims today. Not only different sizes, but also different designs. If you are looking for new rims for your car, it is therefore not wise to just buy rims at random. Ask for advice first and let an expert help you. HRE rims offer you the perfect solution when it comes to custom choices and personal style.

Why buy HRE rims at Adaptive Automotive?

We at Adaptive Automotive offer a wide range of premium rims. We can achieve this because we work with the best suppliers including HRE Wheels. It is important to us that our customers are satisfied and therefore we stand for the following company core values;

- Quality

- Reliability

- Exclusivity

- Best Service

As a one-stop tuning shop, we offer all services in one place. This way you don't have to go to different places to purchase different services. The brands we work with are of high quality and have already more than lived up to their name in the automotive industry. With these brands, we can ensure that you get a unique car that fully meets your needs. Our professional team guarantees quality and provides every customer with the best service. For all questions regarding the tuning and personalization of your car, you can always reach us!

About the HRE brand

HRE designs, develops and manufactures rims for racing, performance,- luxury cars and SUVs. HRE has more than 30 years of expertise in wheel design, engineering and manufacturing to create the most unique wheel designs. The most talented work with their passion on the overall product, from sketching to testing, programming and prototyping. The best materials are used and attention to detail is paid to perfecting the finishes.

HRE offers several choices of offsets, widths and finishes, resulting in a unique and personal style for each customer. HRE rims are sold through select high-end car dealers, specialty stores or performance companies such as Adaptive Automotive.

Prices of HRE rims

At Adaptive Automotive, we believe in a personalized approach. That's why it's best to contact us about the possibilities, so we can provide a customized quote. This way you know exactly what you will spend and there will be no unexpected costs.

Are you curious about the HRE rims prices for your car? Then contact us or request a free quote!

HRE rims repair

Adaptive Automotive can also help you if your HRE rims are damaged. The price for the repair is usually 270 euros per rim, including VAT. We do recommend that you contact us first before we get started. This way we can give a customized advice, so we can offer you the best service.

Services provided by Adaptive Automotive

Besides selling premium rims, we can give your HRE rims a different color by means of a powder coating. If you want to make use of this option, we recommend that you indicate this at the first contact. This way we can make sure that everything is done at once, before we put the wheels on your car. You can then immediately enjoy your car with brand new rims!

In addition, we offer multiple services such as chiptuning, car wrapping, window tinting, car detailing, tuning parts, interior design and more! Besides these services to customize your car, we can also arrange transportation of your car. In order to unburden you as much as possible, we offer international transport for both inside and outside Europe, should this be necessary. With our car transporter we can transport almost any car, and of course we also make sure that the car we transport is insured.

Are the HRE wheels something for your car or are you curious what else we can do for your car? Check our services page for information!

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