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Powder coating rims

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Date: 20-03-2024 Category: Blogs
Powder coating rims

Powder coating rims

We at Adaptive Automotive are getting more and more questions about whether you can have rims powder coated at our one-stop tuning shop. Of course you can! We love to help you transform your car the way you want it, personalization is the key to a beautiful car. Do you have a color in mind to give your rims a new look? Tell our experts and they will gladly make your rims exactly the way you want them! In addition, the coating also helps to improve the life of your rims and you will get a lot less scratches! If you want to keep a logo on your rims, that's no problem with the experts at Adaptive Automotive!

What is the difference between powder coating and painting rims?

The big difference is in the way the new coating is applied. When rims are sprayed, the coating sits tightly on the frame of the rim. Up close, this makes for a tighter and more beautiful result, but from a distance, the difference with the rims after powder coating simply cannot be seen. On the other hand, when you choose to powder coat your car rims it provides better protection. We therefore always recommend powder coating the rims instead of painting them. If you think protection of your valuable car is important, then the following might also be something for you. We also offer PPF paint protection for your car! This way you ensure that the chance of paint damage to your car is reduced.

Personalization is important

Every person is unique, therefore everyone's desire is also unique. We understand all too well that you don't want to take any risks with your car's look, so we have found a way to incorporate your personal style into your car without us having to touch your car. That's because we have a 3d design studio! This way you can have your rims powder coated in all kinds of colors without the risk of not liking it! After all, you can first give your opinion on the various options in the design studio. This way, you can also see if multiple colors might be something you like. Are you in doubt or do you really not know? Our experts are happy to give you tips on how to have your rims powder coated in different colors!

How do we powder coat rims?

First of all, we always recommend having the transformation done by professionals. Especially since risky chemicals are used in the process. To ensure that the coating does not get on other parts of the car, we make sure that the rims are disassembled. Then the rims are completely polished. You don't want any dirt on your rims, otherwise this dirt will be absorbed by the coating itself. Once these steps are complete, we begin our magic.

The first layer applied is a primer coat. This ensures that the coating and the color have a good adhesion to your rims. Then it's patiently waiting for the primer layer to harden before we apply the second layer. The second layer is the powder coating. Finally, a clear coat is placed over it, which provides a protective function. If desired, the logo is also repositioned on the rims at this stage. Congratulations, you now have beautiful and protected rims!

But powder coating is not everything!

At Adaptive Automotive, we can do much more than just powder coat your rims. Everything about your car, we can take care of! From technical installations to having your whole car wrapped, nothing is too crazy for us! Want to do something that can't be found on our website? No problem! Just give us a call or stop by our workshop, as there is a good chance we can still help you with your wish. We are and remain the one-stop tuning shop of the south of the Netherlands!

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