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Date: 15-03-2024 Category: Blogs


For this project, our customer knew exactly what he wanted and what the result would look like. This customer came to us with the request to wrap his Jeep Wrangler in a specific color. And what a gem! We as Adaptive Automotive were therefore delighted to completely wrap the car. Curious about the unique color and the end result? Then read on quickly!


Did you know that... The first Jeep Wrangler was on the market in the year 1986 and its top speed is 177 km/h? The car has a four-cylinder engine? And that the Jeep's off-road capabilities are insane? Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Beyonce and Britney Spears own a Jeep Wrangler!

The Wrangler also has a unique design, with an open roof setup and removable doors and hood. The car is often used for off-road adventures and has a large cult following. There are many after-market accessories available for the Wrangler, including elevator kits, tires, bumpers and more, to further enhance its off-road performance. Yes those are fun facts, but the car can also be fine-tuned considerably through wrapping!

The wrap process is a precision job and often requires professional and qualified personnel. Of course, the duration of this process depends on the size and complexity of your dream car, but you can usually make a splash in the neighborhood within a few days.


Wrapping your car gives it a whole new and exclusive look! The process of wrapping must be done precisely to get the best results, you wrap the car by using a film. We use only the best materials to provide the best quality for the customer, for this car 3M film was used in the color M26- Matte Military. A real fit for a car like this.

At Adaptive Automotive we only have specialists in the field of wrapping. But what stages are followed before the car receives the final desired wrap? When the wrap is applied, all the dirt is first washed off the car and a clean paint job is ensured. Then the film is applied to the areas as desired by the customer. So you don't have to have your whole car wrapped at all times, but you can also choose certain parts! Like the hood, your mirrors or the doors.

By carefully following the process we came to an excellent result. Curious about the final result? You can see those a little further down here.


We as specialists of team Adaptive Automotive are extremely happy and proud with this final result and with the process of this Jeep Wrangler. Below you can see a nice picture of the final result. Always want to stay up to date with our projects? Then follow us on Instagram🙂


Would you like to give your car a completely new look just like this customer? Then see now what service we can do for you and contact us!

Are you not yet fully convinced of your own idea or do you want to brainstorm with us for a new design? We have a 3D design tool with which you can observe the end result immediately!

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